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Hi, I’m Jamie, founder of JaesLiving in San Francisco, I experienced the all-too-familiar pain of commuter shoesI vividly remember wearing a pair of worn-out sneakers for my morning commute (not a cute look)diving into a Starbucks to change into work flats a block from the office, and then shoving my dirty sneakers into my work bag until my commute home. Don’t even get me started about Friday’s - my bag would be bulging with another extra pair for happy hour. 

Talking to friends and co-workers, I realized this pain point was universal – women wanted a shoe that they could wear all day, no matter where the day took them. Suffering through blisters, wearing socks to break in shoes around the house, and masking that terrible work flat odor is something we’re all too familiar with, but why should we have to settle? 
After years of managing through these annoyances, I decided it was time tcreate a solution. Coming from a family of shoemakers, I was excited to put a creative (and practical!) twist on classic styles that women loveI was lucky enough to start designing closely with my dad, who has been in the shoe business for many years and inspired my passion for footwearAs a father-daughter duo, our small and mighty team started mixing classic and new styles, assortments, colors, and functional materials to create the perfect wear-all-day shoe.  

At Jaes, we believe in the power of having a shoe that is as versatile as you are. You do it all, so should your shoe. I’m excited to share our shoes with you and we hope you follow us along on our journey! 


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